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Xanthorrhoea johnsonii



 Form and Size: A single-trunked plant, with a clump of grass-like leaves at the crown,
trunk often blackened by fire; to 5m high

Distribution: Drier coastal, inland and range areas of Qld. and NSW; usually as understorey plants in open forest

Leaves: Rigid, arching with age, diamond-shaped in cross section, to lm long, grey-green

Flowers: White to cream, small; borne on a narrow, cylindrical, cone-like spike held upright above the leaves;
spike 20-120cm x 2-4cm, stalk 75-190cm long

Flowering Period: August to October

Fruit:  Black seeds are borne in spiky capsules on the cone-like spike

Cultivation/Notes:  Propagate from seed
Very slow growing while young, but plants will reach flowering stage in 3-7 years Good drainage and full sun are essential
Lack of drainage combined with too much water can cause crown rot in young plants