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 Vachellia farnesiana


Mimosa Bush, Sweet Wattle 


Form and Size: A much-branched, thorny shrub 1-7m tall

Distribution: Across northern tropical Australia; in sandy or black soils, often along watercourses in dry areas

Leaves: Bipinnate; 2-4 pairs of secondary segments, each with 8-20 pairs of leaflets;
leaflets narrow, green or blue-green,
tip blunt,
3-6mm x 1-2mm; two very sharp-pointed spines to 3cm long at the base of each leaf

Bark: Grey-brown, smooth or scaly

Flowers: Bright orange-yellow balls, highly perfumed, 1.5-2cm diameter, on stalks to 2cm long;
borne singly or in small groups in the axils

Flowering Period: June to September

Fruit: Pods, black or dark brown, smooth, thick, irregularly rounded, 4-8cm x 0.8-1.2cm;
often held on the bush for long periods

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed
A very thorny shrub, but sometimes useful as a bird nesting site
The flowers are used commercially for the production of an oil used in the perfume industry
Understood to have been introduced to Australia in the early stages of European settlement