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 Eucalyptus grandis
Flooded Gum, Rose Gum


Form and Size: A very tall tree to 55m in height, with a solitary, straight trunk

Distribution: Coastal Qld. and northern N.S.W., in several disjunct areas from Atherton to Port Stephens; in tall open forest

Adult Leaves: Lance-shaped, long drawn-out point, green, paler beneath, stalk channelled, lateral veins at 40°-55°, 10-16cm x 2-3cm

Bark: Smooth, white, grey-white or blue-grey, deciduous in long strips; a short stocking of dark and flaky bark at the base

Buds: Egg-shaped or oval; base 3-4mm long, 4-5mm wide; cap conical, 3-4mm long, 4-5mm wide

Flowers: White, about 2cm diameter; borne in clusters of 7-11

Flowering Period: April to May

Fruit: Capsules, bell-shaped, 5-8mm long, 4-7mm wide; valves exserted and incurved

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed
A fast growing, very large tree suitable only for larger areas
Favours rich, loamy soils and abundant water
Very good for stabilising stream banks because of its deep-rooted habit
It is an important timber tree, being used for boat building and many types of general construction
It is also a koala food tree