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Calamus moti

Vicious Lawyer Cane


Calamus moti

Form and Size: A tall and vigorous climbing palm, clump forming, with one stem usually dominant
If this is damaged, another will take its place
Almost all parts of the leaves and inflorescences carry spines or hooks
Long whip-like appendages attached to the leaf-sheath, (flagella) carrying recurved hooks, assist with climbing

Distribution: Lowland and highland rainforests of north-east Qld

Leaves: 2-3m long, with 30-40 leaflets, widely spaced, green, narrow lance-shaped, scattered spines

Flowers: Greenish, 0.3-0.4cm diameter, borne on long, sparsely branched panicles 2-3m long

Flowering Period: November to March

Fruit: Cream or white, globular with a small nipple, 0.8-1cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed which should germinate in 3-4 months
Generally only grown by enthusiasts or in display gardens
Fruit are eagerly sought by fruit eating birds