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Welcome to Native Plants Queensland - Townsville Branch!

Native Plants Queensland - Townsville Branch, was originally known as Townsville SGAP and is the oldest regional Queensland branch, founded in 1970, which provides a focal point for people interested in propagating, growing and appreciating our unique native flora

Between the coastal mangrove communities and the rainforest environments of our highest peaks, we estimate there are up to 1,500 plant species, encompassing the largest trees, to grasses, ferns and mosses

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The Society for Growing Australian Plants (SGAP) was formed in 1957 to develop the horticultural potential of Australian native plants and preserve them through cultivation

With over 8,000 members throughout Australia, it is one of the largest horticultural societies in the country and has made a significant contribution to understanding Australian flora, its cultivation, and introduction into nurseries and home gardens


Bonhamia dietrichiana
Dietrich's Morning Glory

 Seen here at Cape Cleveland at the northern end of its range which
begins near Marlborough in central Queensland

Considered a rare plant in the district it is a vigorous climber
usually in vine thickets where it will cover small canopy trees


Pachygone ovata


Seen in Mackenzie Creek this drought defying vine in full fruit!


SGAP Townsville celebrates its 45th Anniversary!


A big thanks to Townsville City Council for their reception held at Anderson Gardens exactly 45 years to the day!

Several original members from 1970 were present including John Donahue

And a special mention goes to Don Glasgow and Betsy Jackes who are now Life Members of our branch!



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Keiths Blogs

They say you can't keep a good man down.....

Our good friend and mentor Keith Townsend has taken up the challenge,
and in collaboration with ABC OPEN has a series of blogs on plants and local history!

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Miliusa horsfieldii


A tree found in Cape York as far south as Cairns, in lowland rainforest
Seen here in full fower in Anderson Gardens 





Keith Townsend with his certificate and being congratulated by our longest serving member, John Donahue

 Mystery Tree

SGAP Townsville have been involved in unravelling the identification of an unusual tree found on Mt Stuart
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Mystery Tree

Published in Australian Systematic Botany 2012 25 404-417

See the relevant section here....